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Organizing Your Life With ADHD Coaching 


Looking at your space, in desperation you ask yourself: “Where do I even start?”

  • The semi-clean clothes on the floor are getting mixed in with the dirty laundry 

  • There are too many Post Its on the desk

  • The entrance way is overloaded & the mail is piled high

  • The fridge is full, but there’s nothing to eat

untidy bedroom
untidy office

As your organizing coach, I help you create a system that works for you. It begins with powerful questions to help you figure out what you need and what you can maintain to have the order you desire.

Shift the mindset about perfection since what is perfect today may be a little different than what you needed last week or will need tomorrow.

Topics to cover include closets, kitchen, food planning, family command center, home office organization and self-care scheduling.

II help you learn to set up a system that works for your ADHD brain.  As an importer for over 25 years, my work was all about logistics, timelines, and organization. Trades Shows, Production Schedules, Sales, Invoicing &  Inventory Control. I had to maintain tight schedules and be organized to keep my business in the black. In my personal life my keen eye for organization and time management have been critical for managing a busy family of 5, juggling BBQs, family holidays, vacation planning and a variety of committee work.

Between my own journey and my coursework with NAPO (National Association of Productivity Organizers), I have a toolbox of ideas, suggestions and tips to help you design your own organized style.

There is no single “right” way to do anything. The only rule is that it’s YOUR way. It is my aim to be your partner to organization and order 

tidy bedroom
tidy office
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