Coaching Teens & College Students

What is ADHD Coaching for HS and College Students?

We start from today and move forward. The role of the ADHD Coach is to help the student build the Executive Function skills and create new approaches in avoiding the distractions and impulsivities from taking over. By identifying strengths and strategies, the student will be able to better manage their executive function skills, achieve what they want to achieve and have more balance in their life.  

For the coaching to be meaningful and successful, the student should be ready to take the steps needed for training their brain. Parents spend a lot of energy “being our kid’s brain” checking homework pages and agonizing over assignment deadlines. This is the opportunity for the student to really take charge of their responsibilities. It's their time to become empowered. I will help them get there.

Students goals run the gamut from: keeping up grades to stay on the team, keeping the PT job without falling behind in classes, wanting to reduce frustrations of feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of work.  Each coaching session is dictated by the client to meet their objectives. 

Here are examples of what we may work on:

  1. Review all subject web pages to check for:  homework, upcoming tests, quizzes, labs, projects. Guiding to use some type of planner and making daily schedules to increase organization skills.

  2. Brainstorming how to break down work into manageable daily or hourly “bites” to produce quality work and complete assignments on time and to your standards. 

  3. Timing work or short activities to help the student see how long something really takes. Time planning helps with organization, helps to avoid missing deadlines and promotes quality work. 

  4. Help with strategies on communicating with the teachers, bosses, classmates and friends.

  5. Review successes from the past week/month/year as well as some of the stumbles. It’s important to recognize strengths and see the direct results of the hard work of building new habits.

 ADHD is a weakness of skills. It has nothing to do with intelligence. Many students work with coaches to improve their abilities in sports skills. Working with an ADHD Coach will help build the brain skills.