Coaching Teens & College Students

I work with students to help create new habits to strengthen their executive functioning skills, create strategies and systems that will enable them to take ownership and realize success in their world.

For the coaching to be meaningful and productive, the student should be ready to take the steps needed for training their brain! As parents, we spend a lot of energy “being our kid’s brain” by checking their homework pages, agonizing over assignment deadlines & just too involved in scheduling their time outside of school. This is the opportunity for your teen to really take charge of their responsibilities. It's their time to learn how their ADHD is impacting their emotions, their time management and organization. I will help them get there.

Each week we will:

  1. Review all subjects to check: homework, upcoming tests, quizzes, labs, projects. Provide guidance to use a planner and making daily schedules which will increase organization skills.

  2. Brainstorm how to break down work into manageable daily or hourly “bites” to produce quality work and complete each assignment on time. This helps to deflect the boredom that creeps in on long assignments.

  3. Timing work or short activities to help the student see how long something really takes. Time planning helps with organization.

  4. Help with strategies on communicating with the teacher.

  5. Review successes from the past week as well as some of the stumbles - in any area the student wants to tackle. It’s important to see the direct results of the hard work of building new habits.

  6. Backpack and notebook review will be conducted to weed out old papers and find anything lost! We will spend time learning how to organize papers and possessions. 

The Goal:  

Help the student achieve small accomplishments that will build confidence and the willingness to invest greater effort. As the student/client accomplishes the initial objectives, allow them to reflect on what they did to succeed, building upon these achievements, so they feel ready to tackle the next challenge with greater confidence and independence. It is the hope (expectation) that the small successes will improve motivation. Over time, the student/client should hopefully take ownership of the tools and strategies, establish new habits and gradually fade support during the coaching process to promote independence.

The ultimate goal is for the student improve their feeling of confidence in their abilities in academics and in their social world.