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ADHD Coaching:
Teens & College Students

Every HS & college student wants to be in charge. Yet, the "adulting skills" don't come naturally for everyone. As the mom of 3 with very different learning styles, I've been there!

My role as an ADHD Coach is to help the student build their self-awareness around their ADHD, recognize their superstar qualities, and strengthen their Executive Function Skills so they can achieve what they want to achieve and complete the tasks they have to complete (even the boring ones).

The result of coaching with me is becoming empowered to finding your voice and getting your needs met. 


coach and student at a table

Coaching will help the student learn how to take control & get into the driver’s seat.

To successfully manage HS or secondary education and life beyond, coaching works to build the adulting skills:

  • Self-awareness: understanding WHO you are: What works well for me? How did I do this last time?

  • Self-acceptance: knowing your strengths and challenges: How can I make this more interesting? I know I can do this easily, but need help with that. 

  • Self-reliant: building strategies to troubleshoot setbacks: What’s the “should” in this situation? Where can I find the answer?

  • Self-advocacy: knowing how or who to reach out to, to get what you need: Who’s on my team? To do this well, I need…….

For the coaching to be meaningful, the student should be ready to experiment. This is their opportunity to begin taking charge of their “stuff” in a way that works for them. 

I highly recommend these two books.

How to Do it Now Because It's Not Going Away by Leslie Josel

How to do it now book

Winning with ADHD by Grace Friedman and Sarah Cheyette, MD

winning with adhd book
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