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ADHD Coaching: Adults

Coaching is about learning how to own your ADHD and strengthen the executive skills, including your self-awareness, needed to live a balanced life. In coaching, we work on shifting your mindset from the negative to the positive. We will experiment ways of organizing your time and your things to reduce the risk of missing deadlines, creating new routines that work for you to keep the kitchen stocked, laundry done, manage the piles of work on your desk and still have time for what you want to do. 

Coaching meets you where you are today and helps you focus on where you want to go.

ADHD yes or no tick box card

 I can help you learn how the symptoms of ADHD play out in your life and how you can master the benefits (yes, benefits) while minimizing the challenges.

Coaching topics include:


Finding a balance of healthy eating, regular exercise and a routine for sleeping

Time Management

Building awareness around time to reduce the panic of running late or overscheduling


Figuring out ways that work for you to organize your physical and mental space


Building life skills around managing your life (laundry, bills, personal care, social life)


Diving into your strengths, your joys, your boundaries, your needs – owning YOU

Planning & Prioritizing

Learning how to figure what really comes first in that mountain of To-Do’s

You are ready for coaching when you realize enough!

Now is the moment to spend the time to create new strategies for improving your life.

Coaching happens on the phone or Zoom

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