Adult Coaching

There is never a better time than right now to begin working with a trained ADHD coach. ADHD is not something you outgrow;many adults are only diagnosed when their children are diagnosed.
So why not get started?

ADHD doesn't have to be so hard! I can help you learn how the symptoms of ADHD play out in your life and how you can master the benefits of your ADHD while minimizing the challenges.  Working together, I can help you develop skills and systems that will put you in charge:

  •  Time management - learn how to create a schedule to avoid rushing, forgetting and missing deadlines.

  •  Structure daily routines - figure out how to fit it all in and still have time for you.

  •  Organize spaces in your home or office - put an end to the 20-minute search for your keys or other important things.

  •  Strategize priorities to reach the successes you deserve - either at work, with your family or for yourself.

You are ready for coaching when you realize enough! Now is the moment to make the changes and you are willing to spend the time to create new strategies for improving your life.

Coaching meets you where you are today and helps you focus on where you want to go.