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It is my mission to help others understand how ADHD impacts your life - in the classroom, at home, at work and in life.

Invite me in to give a presentation in your school or library: 

Teach to All The Brains in the Room
 How does a teacher teach to the neuro typical and the neuro diverse?

Teens Take Charge
 Steps a student (HS and older) needs to take to be in charge of everything in their world.

"When I plot and chunk my work in my planner, I am less stressed because I can see that it won't take the entire night to complete everything."

- William, 15

Other topics:
Life with ADHD
Finding your best self - at work, home, school - in life,  even when the structures don't always work for your brain.

Executive Function Skills
Remembering things, managing time, organization and prioritizing, controlling emotions and impulsivity - these are just some of the critical skills we all need to get through life. Let's talk about how they are interconnected and how they manifest with ADHD.

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