ADHD Coaching

My role as your ADHD Coach is to: 

To help you discover the opportunities in front of you.

To help you strengthen skills, build strategies, and generate solutions.

To hold you accountable for what you set out to achieve.

I partner with the you, to help you design the life you want to live – as defined by you.

ADHD Coaching is more than Life Coaching: Its skills coaching, ADHD education & life coaching.

Coaching with me is problem solving and more. It's a guided tour into yourself, where you can go and how you will get there..

I create a disruption (so to speak) by helping to unpack the issues, interrupt and challenge the negative belief systems, recognize your weaker skills and how creativity and strengths can build you up.

On his podcast, Distraction, Dr. Ned Hallowell explains the benefits of working with an ADHD coach. 

Typical Coach Process for each session:

Agenda – define the problem or obstacle (usually a segment of the “main” agenda)

            “What is the focus of today?”

Awareness – get to the problem underneath the obstacle/problem

            “Why is this the focus? Whose voice is telling you this? I wonder if there is more behind it?”

Action – break it down, plan, strategize

            “What are the steps to get started? What’s plan B?”

Accountable – specific & measurable to follow through that’s realistic for you.

            “What is your takeaway from today? How will you remember to put this into place?”


This 4-step formula is a proven model in every type of coaching worldwide. Following this model will allow you to get the most out of our coaching sessions.


As your coach, I will use tactics to help you pivot and shift away from the negative talk using constructive conversation with forward motion such as: Reframing – Bottom Lining – Interrupting – Challenge Perspectives – Asking Big Questions – Celebrating Wins – Staying Present – Maintaining the Agenda of the Session


Edward Hallowell, M.D., a leading authority on ADHD likens ADHD to having a race-car brain and bicycle brakes. He explains to his newly diagnosed patients that their brain is very powerful and capable of winning races (doing well in life). But they have bicycle brakes, so they can’t slow down very well; they are impulsive on many fronts. He likens the ADHD coach to a brake’s specialist!


As your coach, I look forward to helping you feel better about yourself, help you identify areas of growth that we both see is possible.  

As your coach, I want to help help you finish these sentences:

“I want to be the person who …….”  Or “I want to be better at …...”