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About Emily Rubin Persons, PCC
ADHD Life Coach

My mission is to help bring light and peace to anyone who has been living with frustration and chaos due to their ADHD. Together, I help my clients discover strategies to focus on the mundane as well as the exciting and to better understand their ADHD so they can have a more balanced and fulfilling life.

I entered the world of ADHD when my youngest son was diagnosed in fifth grade. As I researched Inattentive ADHD, at first, I felt guilt that my child had been struggling with frustration and being misunderstood for so long for something that is so common. How is it possible that we (his parents, school, and therapist) all missed the signs? Yet, I was relieved to learn that all of it – the lack of effort in school, the emotional outbursts, the difficulty with doing seemingly easy school assignments, the stubbornness, the hyper focus on certain activities - was linked to his ADHD. Now, I had to help my son learn to live comfortably and successfully with his ADHD.

My journey led me to the work of Dr. Ned Hallowell, Dr. Russell Barkley, Dr. Ross Greene, and other experts. Podcasts such as Faster than Normal, Distraction, and Attention Talk Radio, gave me additional education on living in the now with ADHD.  Authors such as Caroline Maguire, Kathleen Nadeau, Chris Dendy, and Michelle Garcia Winner provided me with valuable information I needed to help my son.

Emily Rubin Persons

Living with ADHD does not have to be so difficult!

The more I learned, the more I knew I wanted to use my experience and knowledge to help others like me and my family. I want to support others because I know the challenges of an undiagnosed or untreated learning difference can cause feelings of shame and anger leading to all sorts of difficulties. This could include trouble with school, friends and potentially lead to mental health issues or substance abuse. Living with ADHD is a roller coaster, but now we know how to deal with the days my son is a rock star and the other days when life feels a bit too chaotic.

I am a PCC certified coach through the International Coach Federation. The ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) provided me with extensive ADHD basic and advanced coach training. I also completed the HS & College coach training with JST Coaching. To best help my students, I've completed Gretchen Wegner's "The Art of Inspiring Students to Study" and Crista Hopps's Executive Function course. To better help teachers with the tools they need to teach to all the brains in the room, I have completed  PTS Coaching Teacher Training program. In addition, I completed coursework and achieved 4 certificates with the National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO). Between the coach training, conferences, webinars, research and my 3 sons who have very different brains (dyslexia, weak executive function skills, ADHD), you could say I have a master’s degree in all of it!

I love working with adults of all ages as well as college and high school students, helping them find their “who” and build their life skills. It’s never too early or too late to learn how to create structure and achieve calm by building stronger executive skills to successfully meet your full potential academically, professionally, and socially.

I welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how coaching can help. 

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