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The next semester is around the corner!

How do you relate to these statements?

  • I know how to read a syllabus & create a plan for the semester.

  • I know how to balance my social life & academics without prompts from an adult.

  • I have effective strategies for exams and projects. 

  • I communicate with my instructors? 

  • I know how to manage my money & meds.

If  you answer "not so great" to at least 2 or more, then let's talk.

It's not too early nor too late to get started. 


"Coaching raised my awareness and gave me the confidence to ask for help from teachers & classmates. I finally learned how to schedule my time so I didn't overcommit."    

                                                     Jennifer, college sophomore


Get Ready!

How It Works:

Total 14 weeks. First 2 sessions are 60 minutes.

"Hack the Syllabus" and "Schedule it Up."

Then, we meet once a week for 30 minutes with text check ins or mini calls during the week.

We can start before the semester begins.

Together, we will develop strategies that work for you.

Implement Organizational Systems

You can't keep everything in your head. Learn how to create your own calendar system to remember, plan & prioritize everything: homework, tests, projects, social events, sleep, exercise, chill, eat laundry.

Set Up Supports

Getting help is a sign of maturity, not weakness. Get to know the tutor & writing center, get comfortable meeting with professors, embrace classmates as study partners, register and use available services or accommodations. 

I meet my students where they are, some need more organization help, others need help with study skills.  When coaching a college student to success, I employ all my coach training:

  • ADHD  Coaching from ADD Coach Academy, 

  • HS & College Student Coach training from JST Coaching, 

  • Anti Boring Approach to Learning from Gretchen Wegner

  • Organizational Tools from NAPO training

Develop Strong Study Plans

Taking notes, creating study tools, designing a manageable system to avoid cramming, finding a motivational study space and study partners.

Manage Time & Keep to the Plan

Learn how to feel time, making watches & clocks your friend. Master how to plan backwards to avoid being late to class, overscheduling or forgetting assignments.

Manage Self Care

It's never too late or too early to partner with an ADHD Academic Coach!

Self Care will keep you healthy and on top of your game. Learn how to: sleep, eat well, exercise, recharge yourself, make time for new friends & fun, deal with mental health and roommate issues, recognize & manage triggers.

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