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It’s time to take control of your ADHD

  • You lose your keys almost every other day.

  • You did the homework but forgot to hand it in – again.

  • You start the laundry, but can never get it folded.

  • You’re securing new clients, but you can’t get the paperwork completed.

  • You are busy all day, but feel you have accomplished nothing.

  • You don’t like big parties because you just can’t follow the small talk.

That’s the ADHD – it is not an excuse, it’s an explanation.

Skip Coaching  will help you learn HOW to work with your ADHD Brain and improve your executive function skills so that you start living your life without the frustration.

Meet Emily Rubin Persons,
Your ADHD Life Coach

As your ADHD Coach, it is my mission to help bring light and peace to adults or teens who have been living with frustration and chaos due to their ADHD. Together we will work to create new habits, tackle the obstacles, build strengths, and celebrate the successes.

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ADHD Coaching is about action.
We start from today and move forward.


Learn how to take control of your ADHD.

Build self awareness & strengthen executive skills.

Create a system that works for your brain.

A crash course about the What, the Who & the How of your ADHD.

What Clients Say

"When I first met Emily, I felt overwhelmed. Structuring my day and getting tasks done in a timely manner have always been challenging.  What relief I felt when, with Emily’s coaching, I was able to come up with strategies that worked.  One of my favorites was a WALL schedule on which I used color coded post-it notes for scheduling appointments and tasks. It was like I was able to finally “see” time.  Thank you, Emily!" 


Now's the time to make time for yourself. 
Now it's your time to feel good!

I'm looking forward to learning more about you and talking about how coaching can help.

Cick here to connect!

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