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What is an ADHD Coach?

Working with a trained ADHD coach is one of the most effective ways to invest in yourself or your business. A coach partners with the client to discover strategies for focusing on the mundane as well as on the exciting things with the goal to create balance in your life

As your coach, I will help you set goals and remove the obstacles that are in your way. Instead of ruminating on the past, coaching moves from today forward and helps you focus on where you want to go.

I am not a tutor and will not teach how to solve math problems or set your to-do list. I am going to help you develop the skills and systems to use your brain so that YOU can do your work independently and get through your day with less stress and frustration. I will help you build self-awareness and develop the skills to be more organized.

​As your coach, my objective will be to partner with you to explore and create a system that is yours. Together, we will tackle ways to get over the hurdles and build insightful strategies for maintaining those new systems which will enable you to manage your schoolwork, your home or your business.






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